GAMDIAS Mars E2 Micro-ATX Case - 白色
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GAMDIAS Mars E2 Micro-ATX Case - 白色

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The Crescent's Embrace

Being as pale, yet elegant as the new-moon adrift in the starry night sky, the MARS E2 is gently coated with our meticulously engineered Aircraft-Grade anodized aluminum spray-paint. Retaining to a simplistic yet sophisticated style for gaming has never been more easier!


Majestic Exhibition

The exquisitely contrived hinged tempered-glass panel design, enables easy accessibility to its internal apparatus, allowing YOU to put your amazing rig on display, and show it off with pride!


Exlusive Operational Layout

Debuting with its uniquely designed hyper-efficient rear mounted I/O panel layout, the MARS E2 present itself in a user-friendly mannerism that drastically shortens the distance between the hinged tempered-glass panel knob & the I/O directory, while enabling easier accessibility towards major rig modifications.


Keeping it Slick

An addition to a removable magnetic dust filter atop of the MARS E2 Gaming PC Case would in fact, serve as a substantial asset to keep your battle-station neat and tidy!


Ample Accommodation

The ample component clearance of the MARS E2 is capable of supporting up to five 120 mm fans & mounting slots for a 280 mm (Front) x 240 mm (Top) x 120 mm (Rear) radiator --- all at your disposal!


Other Supports



"Simple, yet Refined."

The Mars E2 Micro-Tower Gaming PC Case, ascending into the starry night with its compact and minimalistic stature alongside of its moonlit textured anodize-brushed aluminum coated anterior, support Motherboards up to the size of micro-ATX. Pairing up with its exquisitely contrived hinged tempered-glass panel layout --- the Agronomical Guardian steals the spotlight of the show with his elegant demeanor!


  • Exquisite Moonlit Textured Case Brush-Up
  • Support Motherboards up to the size of micro-ATX
  • Hinged Tempered-Glass Panel Layout
  • Magnetic Dust Filter
  • Power Cover Design
  • Hyper Efficient Rear-Mounted I/O Panel Design