Enermax ETS-F40-FS ARGB 4熱管 風冷散熱器 - 白色
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Enermax ETS-F40-FS ARGB 4熱管 風冷散熱器 - 白色


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Superior Cooling Capacity, 200W TDP

Thanks to ENERMAX patented Vortex Generation Flow(VGF) design and unique Vacuum Effect Flow(VEF) design, ETS-F40 Addressable RGB version can increase air convection around the heat pipe and centralize airflow in the heatsink to provide optimal cooling performance

Patented Vortex Generation Flow (VGF) design

Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF) design



The enlarged 140mm heat sink fin design provides a larger cooling surface for efficient heat dissipation. The additional fan clips allow users to install the 2nd fan on ETS-F40 Addressable RGB version for better cooling performance

Enlarged 140mm fin design

Additional fan clips design



High Efficient Heat Transfer

ETS-F40 Addressable RGB version is equipped with 4 x ø6 heatpipes with heat-pipe direct touch (HDT) technology to improve thermal conductivity and eliminate CPU hot spots quickly




Silent Operation

The 140mm fan, featuring smart PWM speed control function (speed range is 300 to 1200rpm), provides the balance between silence and performance