ASUS  Webcam C3


【ASUS Gear5月優惠】
ASUS 華碩 Webcam C3 網絡攝影機



HK$ 399

HK$ 590

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USB camera with 1080p 30 fps recording, beamforming microphone for better live-streaming video and audio quality, and adjustable clip that fits various devices

  • Sharp FHD (1920 x 1080) video output at a smooth 30 fps
  • Effectively reduces environmental noise for crystal-clear video calls, even while gaming
  • 90° tilt‑adjustable clip fits a variety of laptop screens and desktop monitors, and 360° rotation mechanism enables flexible camera angles
  • Compatible with popular applications such as Skype, Microsoft® Teams and Zoom
  • Wide field of view – perfect for conferences, telecommuting, or chats with two or more parties sitting side-by-side