MSI 微星 Pro MP271P 專業顯示器



MSI 微星 Pro MP271P 專業顯示器 (27吋 / FHD / 75Hz / IPS) - 1920 x 1080



HK$ 999

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  • 完美的27英吋顯示器,適合多工處理和長時間使用
  • TÜV 認證顯示器,可保護您的眼睛健康
  • 防眩光功能可以讓你在工作中保護您的眼睛
  • 舒適的工作與更棒的觀看顯示器角度,能讓您全心投入於工作中
  • Dual Sources Supported for Your Different Learning Devices
  • 支援VESA標準安裝,能讓小主機完美隱藏於機身後方
  • MSI獨家軟體Display Kit提供最方便的工具,可顯示色彩模式,提供您每天學習時使用


Learn What You Love From Home

A perfect 27”screen size to learn what you love from home, no matter it is programming, coding & website design; or viewing those applications, spreadsheets and more.

MSI Anti-Flicker Technology Protects Your Eyes While Learning From Home


Thanks to MSI Anti-Flicker technology, a stable output current for the monitor is provided. It will protect your eyes and also help against dry eyes and eyestrain.


Less Blue Light

The energy of blue light may cause damage to our eyes, not to mention children’s eyes. Less blue light technology will block and absorb the blue light generated from the screen and shield your eyes from a harmful effect of blue light.

MSI Anti-Glare Display Bring a More Comfortable Learning Environment

The anti-glare display is designed to cut down the amount of light that reflects off the display. An anti-glare display makes viewing the display more pleasant for users, and reduces eyestrain.

The Best Position For Your Learning

You are able to learn with a comfortable viewing position and can always adjust the tilt according to different situations.

Learn With The Best Screen Colors & Brightness

Instantly optimize the screen colors and brightness to ensure that you enjoy every detail at its best while learning how to use the applications that you are interested.

Wide Viewing Angle

IPS panel's 178° wide viewing angle can ensure that everyone can clearly view the screen from any side when discussing and sharing with your family and friends.

Dual Sources Supported for Your Different Learning Devices

Learn with Desktop & Laptop with PRO MP271, no problem at all.

With a HDMI & a D-Sub (VGA) ports, it keeps the flexibility with dual sources for your different devices.

VESA Mountable

PRO MP271 Series supports the standard VESA-mount. You can mount it with MSI MT81 or mount it on the wall and make good use of the space of your table.

Built-In Speakers

PRO MP271 Series with two 2W built-in speakers allows users to listen to audio files, to attend online courses, or to edit videos at any time without carrying an external speaker or wearing a headphone.