Cougar Dust 2 Mini-ITX 機箱 - 鐵灰色



Cougar Dust 2 Mini-ITX 機箱 - 鐵灰色


Desert Sand

Iron Gray

HK$ 918

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The Portable and Powerful Mini-ITX case

COUGAR Dust 2 features military style. It is a Mini-ITX case with optimal compatibility, which is born for travelling gamers and LAN Party dominance. Just grab your rig and go!

Sturdy and Solid Aluminum Panels

The front and back panels are anodized aluminum with a sandblasted finish. It is designed with minimalist style, which is forged with fine aluminum alloys and folding angles. It looks fantastic wherever you place it.

Carry Handles Make Carriage a Breeze

When you want go to a LAN party or play PC games in the living room, Dust 2 has two comfortable handles to make carry easy as a breeze.


Top-notch Performance

Unlike some of the other Mini ITX cases on the market, Dust 2 supports powerful hardware system with full-sized vertical GPU (up to 330mm) and PSU (160mm PS2 ATX).

PCIe 16x Gen3 high-speed riser card included.

Excellent Cooling Solution

Dust 2 comes with excellent cooling among Mini ITX cases. The small form factor is able to house a 280mm water cooling radiator. Its’ Pro-cooling design provides the best defense against overheating.

Independent Ventilation Zones

In contrast to traditional PC layouts gather all the components at the same side, Dust 2 has divided into two individual parts. GPU, CPU, and PSU have independent ventilation zones, which is able to effectively avoid thermal interference between each other.

Separate Airflow Paths

Dust 2 comes with mesh side panels to bring maximum airflow. The divided layout creates two unobstructed airflow paths from side intake to top exhaust. GPU, CPU, and PSU have separate cooling solutions, which helps you to protect critical components from overheating.

Easy Access to Multiple Devices

With a PCIe 16x Gen3 High-Speed Riser Card and a USB 3.1 Gen-2 Type-C connector, Dust 2 can connect to the latest devices. It also brings high-speed connections to fulfill massive data transfer needs for the ultimate PC enthusiast.