Aerocool Splinter Duo ATX


Aerocool Splinter Duo ATX 機箱



HK$ 399

HK$ 469

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Splinter Duo


High-performance mid tower case with a full tempered glass side panel to showcase the inside of your rig. Bring your case to life with a stylish ARGB design in the front panel of the case. Specially designed front panel design allows for increased air ventilation and viewing of your front LED fans. Comes equipped with two 12cm ARGB fans in the top and one 12cm ARGB fan in the rear of the case.

Addressable RGB fans can be controlled using one of two ways: RGB LED control button or Addressable RGB motherboard. Includes a 6-Port ARGB control hub to connect and control your ARGB fans.

  • Unique ARGB front panel design adds a stylish flair to your rig
  • Control your Addressable RGB fans using compatible ARGB motherboard​
  • Includes a 6-port ARGB control hub to connect your Addressable RGB fans
  • Specially designed front panel for increased air ventilation and viewing of your front LED fans
  • Carbon fiber style finishing on the front panel delivers a futuristic look and feel
  • Full tempered glass side panel showcases the inside of your rig​
  • Fan mounts on the PSU shroud allow for improved VGA cooling​
  • Supports liquid cooling in the front, top, and rear of the case​
  • Splinter Duo comes included with 3 x Duo 12 ARGB Fans