ASUS  ROG Wingwall Graphics Card Holder


ASUS 華碩 ROG Wingwall Graphics Card Holder



HK$ 579

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ROG Wingwall Graphics Card Holder ROG Wingwall 顯示卡支撐架可輕鬆安裝,即便最強大的顯示卡也能防止彎曲或下垂。

  • 堅固的鋁合金框架為您的顯示卡提供穩定的支撐效果。
  • 可調整的支撐桿,可支援大部分的顯示卡。
  • Aura Sync 相容性可讓您自訂燈光效果並與其他相容硬體進行同步。
  • 兩個可更換的壓克力板可自訂個人電競風格,以匹配您組裝的電腦。

Compatibility • Support all ATX size Chassis • GPU length above 18cm & height under 6.5cm Loading Capacity 15kg RGB Connector Aura Sync (3-pin Addressable RGB Lighting) Dimension 330 x 63 x 11 mm Weight 248g A tough aluminum-alloy frame ensures rock-solid support for your card. Platform easily adjusts to support most graphics cards. Aura Sync compatibility lets you customize and sync lighting effects with other compatible hardware. Two swappable acrylic plates let you customize aesthetics to match your build. Overview Aluminum-alloy Reinforcement Easily Find That Sweet Spot Brilliance to Match Your Build Match Your Build’s Vibe .