Noctua NA-FD1 Fan Duct Kit


Noctua NA-FD1 Fan Duct Kit



HK$ 169

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The NA-FD1 fan duct kit makes it possible to significantly improve the performance of Noctua NH-L9i and NH-L9a series CPU coolers in Small Form Factor (SFF) environments where there is a gap of 5mm or more (up to 45mm) between the cooler and a perforated top or side panel. Bridging this gap, the duct prevents the cooler from taking in hot air from the interior and enables it to draw in fresh air from the outside through the perforated panel, which can, depending on the setup, improve CPU temperatures by as much as 5°C or more. As the duct is assembled from EVA foam spacers of different thickness, it is fully modular and can be adjusted in 1mm increments from 5mm to 45mm height in order to fit various different cases and configurations. In short, the NA-FD1 is a simple yet smart, flexible, and cost-effective way of boosting the efficiency of NH-L9 series coolers!

Significant performance boost

In tightly packed, ITX-based Small Form Factor builds, hot air can accumulate around the socket area. By enabling the NH-L9 cooler to draw in fresh air from the outside instead of hot interior air, adding the NA-FD1 can lead to huge performance gains of up to 5°C and more.

Compatible with NH-L9i and NH-L9a models

The NA-FD1 is fully compatible with all variations of the NH-L9i (NH-L9i, NH-L9i chromax.black, NH-L9i-17xx, NH-L9i-17xx chromax.black) and NH-L9a (NH-L9a, NH-L9a-AM4, NH-L9a-AM4 chromax.black) series. It is not compatible with the NH-L9x65, NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 or other coolers.

Reduced intake noise compared to taller coolers

When fans draw in air through perforated panels that are very close to their intake, high-pitched turbulence noises can occur. With the NA-FD1, the NH-L9’s fan has at least 5mm (and up to 45mm) of breathing space, which yields a smoother sound signature compared to taller coolers that may struggle with intake noise issues due to low clearance.

Ideal for cases with 42-82mm clearance

Consisting of 7 foam spacers from 10 to 3mm thickness, the NA-FD1 can be adjusted from 5mm to 45mm in 1mm increments. As such, it is ideal for bridging the gap between the 37mm high NH-L9 coolers and perforated side or top panes of cases that offer between 42 and 82mm clearance such as the popular Dan A4-SFX (48mm) or the Louqe Ghost S1 (66mm).

Adjustable and reusable

The NA-FD1 set consists of 7 Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam spacers with different thicknesses (2x 10, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3mm) that can be stacked to bridge gaps of different sizes. If you decide to switch to a different case or configuration that has more or less clearance, you can simply adjust the duct by adding or removing spacers.

Easy installation

Installing the NA-FD1 is a breeze: Simply measure the gap between the cooler and the panel, select the corresponding foam spacers, replace the original fan screws with the supplied bolts, stick the plastic tubes to the bolts, add the foam spacers, cut the tubes to the appropriate length and you’re ready to go!