SteelSeries Stratus+


SteelSeries Stratus+ 無線藍芽遊戲控制器 (黑色)



HK$ 499

HK$ 659

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 A Stratus+ controller with a mobile phone displaying the Fortnite main screen. Text reads: works with Chromebook, works with Android, and Nvidia Geforce Now Recommended.

Game anywhere on an Android™ or Chromebook device

Included slim phone mount adjusts to Android mobile devices for smartphone gaming

90+ hours of mobile gameplay with a fast charge function

High-performance hardware engineered with ALPS thumbsticks and Hall Effect triggers

Precision Mobile Gaming for Android and Chromebook

The Stratus+ controller is optimized for portable gaming on Android and Chromebook devices, equipped with an adjustable, slim-fit phone mount to game in comfort.

 The Stratus+ controller alongside the mobile phone attachment.

Android and Chromebook Wireless Connectivity

Seamlessly connect your controller to any Android or Chromebook device with energy-efficient Bluetooth LE, or to any Windows PC via USB-C to A connection.

90-Hour Rechargeable Battery

Taking advantage of Bluetooth LE technology, the built-in lithium-ion battery lasts up to 90 hours. Easily charge your Stratus+ with a USB-C to A connection.

 An angled view of the Stratus+ controller with the mobile attachment.

Slim-Profile Phone Mount

Our unique slim phone mount adjusts to fit virtually any Android phone. Quickly and easily set it up with the ultimate Android gaming controller and game for glory.

A closeup of the the ALPS analog thumbsticks.


High-Performance Controller Hardware

Designed to give maximum control, the ALPS analog thumbsticks have clickable L3/R3 buttons for more input options across a wide variety of games. New Hall Effect magnetic sensors offer a better trigger feel for a lifetime of precision and consistent smoothness.


Cable length

1.8 meters / 5.9 feet


Bluetooth LE v4.1, or Wired USB

Battery Type

Lithium-ion (90+ hours)

Range (Bluetooth)

12 meters / 40 feet

Connector Type

Micro USB

Dimension (W*H*D)

150mm * 110mm * 63.2mm / 5.91 inches * 4.33 inches * 2.49 inches





Android 4+ (Wireless)


Connect to PC via USB-C Cable

Box Content

Stratus+ Controller

USB-A to USB-C Charge and Play Cable

Travel-Slim Mobile Phone Holder

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