Synology 12TB HAS5300-12T 3.5" SAS HDD



Synology 12TB HAS5300-12T 3.5" SAS HDD



HK$ 4,832

HK$ 5,086

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HAS5300 - 3.5" SAS HDD • Enterprise Reliability and Durability for demanding 24/7 environments, rated for 2.5 million hours MTTF and up to 550 TB per year workloads • Over 200,000 hours of stringent validation tests ensure maximum dependability on Synology SA and UC series solutions. • Persistent Write Cache to minimizes the chance of data corruption in the event of sudden power loss • One-stop Update - Get automatic firmware updates together through DSM updates, reducing the need for additional maintenance sessions • Faster Array Rebuild up to 27% faster1 RAID array repair with firmware finetuned and optimized for performance Supported models UC3200, SA3600, SA3400, SA3200D, RS18017xs+, RS18016xs+