Machenike KT68 Pro 68 RGB  - LED


Machenike KT68 Pro 68鍵 RGB 三模無線熱拔插機械鍵盤(黃軸 - 透明LED螢幕限定黑金版)


HK$ 699

HK$ 1,399

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As a new generation mechanical keyboard from MACHENIKE, KT68 Pro adopts the latest GATERON North Pole 2.0 Switch (North Pole Brown Switch & North Pole Yellow Switch), providing a highly sensitive and accurate typing experience. With a silent silicone pad, there is no sound when typing quickly, bringing you an ultra-quiet typing environment

Designed with a built-in silent silicone pad that provides a comfortable typing environment without click-onnoise. It may be your best work companion which allows you type accurately, quickly and silently without any distraction.

A destination of “Cool” keyboard should be “Transparent”, “Lighting” & “FUN”! No matter the cover, keycaps and the switches of KT68 Pro, all are made of transparent materials that make the RGB lights look great as it shines through the transparent keycaps.

More than 20 different RGB lighting effects are available, and the audio visualizer is also supported.

There is a smart screen composed of 325 LEDs on the top of the KT68 Pro keyboard. It has two modes, lighting effect mode and screen mode. The screen mode displays network speed, time, computer memory, etc., and can also be switched to light effect mode ( only blinking lights).

Thanks to the self-developed driver, our users can give full play to their autonomy and freely create dynamic lighting effects, share, customize macros and lead in/ out lighting effects.

KT68 Pro is compatible with the majority of mechanical keyboards and works well with 3/5-pin switches. All keys can be hot-swapped and users may make their own keys, making it ideal for gaming. Additionally, users can personalize their keycaps and swap them out as needed to suit various situations.

Users of the KT68 Pro may easily change the volume, activate the mute function, return to the device's home screen, move between apps, and other quick settings by toggle switch.

KT68 Pro supports wired/wireless connections and compatible with Windows/ iOS/ Mac OS/ Android system.

The KT68 Pro adopts a simplified 68 keys layout design that is more condensed than typical keyboards. It saves space on your desktop and is easy to carry.

The texture of the KT68 Pro is gorgeous and expertly crafted using ABS injection molding and electroplating technologies. Additionally, it is attractive, lightweight, and has good corrosion-resistant, and durability properties.