Chuwi MiniBook X



【送原廠無線滑鼠+電腦袋】 Chuwi MiniBook X 筆記型電腦 (10.51吋 / FHD / Alder Lake N100 / 12GB LPDDR4X RAM / 512GB SSD / WiFi 6 / Windows 11 Home)
MiniBook X N100 10.51"

360° of Versatility: You can fold this device freely to suit your working or entertaining position to use it as a tablet, or use tent mode to watch series, you can lay it flat on a table to share content with friends, classmates, or colleagues.
10.51 Inches 2K Screen: MiniBook X came with a 10.51 inches super compact display which will present frames with 1200*1920 definition.
12GB RAM + 512GB SSD: Came with 12GB DDR5 RAM and 512GB SSD storage, you can accomplish any compute-intensive task without experience any delay. Storage is expandable up to 1TB with M.2 SSD for saving more files and videos.
Intel Celeron N100: Latest generation Intel Alder Lake-N100 processor with 10nm process, high performance with low power consumption.
Pocket Size Laptop: Weighed at 920g with 11mm thickness at the thinnest point, it will be a no lugging experience using MiniBook X to browse on the road, manage files on a business travel or stream shows on morning commute.
Full Sized Backlit Keyboard: A compact size doesn't mean sacrifices to typing experience, MiniBook X is paired with a full size keyboard with backlit, which ensures a smooth and accurate type-on feeling.

保養期: 2 Years




HK$ 2,999

HK$ 3,299

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Pocket productivity tools

Small and portable to go anywhere

The 10.51-inch MiniBook X features a compact, full-screen design that is 20% smaller than similarly sized notebooks and is easily stowed in your bag to go wherever you go. Powerfully business-ready, MiniBook X replaces the traditional laptop and helps improve office efficiency anytime, anywhere.

MiniBook X 2023
MiniBook X 2023

11mm at the thinnest point

MiniBook X 2023

920g weight

MiniBook X 2023

Easy Storage

A Visual Feast

10.51 inch Narrow bezel Screen

MiniBook X 2023

The 10.51-inch high-definition screen boasts FHD resolution and an ultra-narrow bezel design for stunning visual enjoyment. Images and videos appear crisp and clear, while the seamless display creates an immersive viewing experience. Whether watching a movie, playing a game, or working on a presentation, this screen delivers exceptional visuals.

10.51 inch

In-cell Display


Aspect Ratio


FHD+ Resolution

Laptop Tablet 2-in-1

YOGA mode 360° folding

360° swivel enables the laptop and tablet to be used as a two-in-one device, allowing it to be folded at suitable angles for work, play, on the go or at home.

Tablet mode
viewing mode
Laptop mode
Lighting-quick productivity

Intel 12th Alder-N N100 processor

4 Cores

4 Threads


Turbo Frequency


Process Technology


Graphics GPU

Latest generation Intel Alder Lake-N100 processor with 10nm process, high performance with low power consumption, four cores and four threads, new Tremont micro-architecture, and 10W thermal design for everything from editing documents, video- conferencing and office software. Features next gen UHD Graphic core graphics card for seamless 4K video and online games.

MiniBook X 2023
MiniBook X 2023
Highly Efficient Cooling Solution

Quiet and inspiring

The MiniBook X features a cooling system with a large turbofan that provides high-volume side air blow and intelligent speed control. The fan automatically starts and stops based on the temperature, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency and enhancing energy-efficient power management. This feature helps maintain optimal operating temperatures and prolong the lifespan of the device while providing a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Active Cooling Design
Miniature Radiator
liquid heat pipe
High Performance Capacity Portfolio


The MiniBook X is equipped with a massive 512GB Nvme SSD storage space and boasts a read/write speed of over 1500MB/s, making it possible to achieve boot-up in just 8 seconds and load applications instantly. This feature significantly enhances office efficiency by eliminating long boot-up times and optimizing performance for various applications.

MiniBook X 2023
40% reduction in memory energy consumption
50% speed boost compared to DDR4 memory
200% speed improvement vs. eMMC storage
Unibody Design

6-series aerospace aluminum alloy

The MiniBook X features a unibody integrated body design that combines 6-series aerospace aluminum alloy A/D sides with a high-density injection C shell. The body is coated with a precision ceramic sandblasting process, creating a smooth and delicate texture, and an anodized casting super protective layer that gives the body a silky smooth finish. Over 28 manufacturing processes combine to create the lightweight yet sturdy body of the Minibook X.

MiniBook X 2023
MiniBook X 2023
MiniBook X 2023
MiniBook X 2023
Streamlined keyboard interface

Bezel-less full-size keyboard

MiniBook X 2023

The traditional full-size keyboard of the MiniBook X is designed to fit naturally within a limited space, while still offering a familiar and significant improvement in typing comfort and efficiency. The keyboard features 3mm narrow bezels with single keycaps close to standard laptop size, and a large glass touch panel that supports multiple gesture operations.

MiniBook X 2023

Full-size keyboard

MiniBook X 2023

Extremely narrow 3mm bezel

Extra large touch panel

MiniBook X 2023
One interface for everything

Full-featured Type-C port

The MiniBook X is equipped with a full-featured Type-C port, allowing for effortless expansion using external. This port enables functions such as screen expansion, audio transmission, network connectivity, and more. It provides a versatile solution for connecting and utilizing various peripherals and accessories.

MiniBook X 2023
MiniBook X 2023
8 hours of battery life all day long*

Supports 45W PD fast charging

The high-density polymer lithium battery with a capacity of 26.6Wh enables stable management of high-performance devices and ensures 8 hours of continuous use throughout the day. Supporting mainstream fast charging protocol PD2.0 and up to 45W high-speed fast charging, the device can be charged from 0 to 70% in just one hour.

26.6Whhigh density

polymer lithium battery


fast charging

*Battery life data was tested at the chawi Shenzhen Institute.
Usage time varies depending on certain conditions

Personalized Experience with

Windows 11 OS

MiniBook X comes with Windows 11 OS with an intuitively redesigned UI design, New touch interaction and native Android support for popular mobile APPs and games.

MiniBook X 2023


Full complement of I/O ports

MiniBook X 2023