MOZA Racing R16 16Nm



MOZA Racing R16 16Nm 直驅賽車方向盤基座
MOZA Racing R16 Wheel Base

- 16 Nm Peak Torque
- Unique Supercar-inspired Design
- All Aluminum Alloy Body
- Hands-off Protection
- Next Generation FFB Filtering Algorithm
- 262,144 Points of Resolution
- Ultra Low Static Torque
- MOZA Pit House App Control
- One-click Launching
- Multiple Connection Ports

保養期: 24個月



HK$ 5,999

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MOZA Racing R16 Wheel Base

The MOZA R16 sim racing wheelbase is a formidable powerhouse that combines performance and style. With a peak torque of 16 Nm, it delivers impressive force feedback for an immersive racing experience. The all-aluminum alloy body and a sleek supercar-inspired design ensure great reliability without compromising on style. With hands-off protection and ultra-low static torque, you can focus on the race without distractions. Featuring 262,144 points of resolution, every subtle movement is faithfully captured. Take control with the MOZA Pit House App Control, allowing you to fine-tune settings with ease and jump into the race with its one-click launching features.