Sharkoon DG7000-G-RGB ATX


Sharkoon DG7000-G-RGB ATX 機箱



HK$ 580

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Designed specifically for gamers, the Sharkoon DG7000-G RGB impresses with its unique appearance and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. 

The ATX MIDI tower, made of robust materials, is suitable for first-class gaming PCs. 

Thanks to an optimized cable management system, the DG7000-G RGB always ensures a tidy appearance, which is viewed through the extra-large side panel made of tempered glass. 

The 3.5" hard drives and power supply can be installed and neatly concealed on the bottom of the case. 

Other highlights include two 140 mm RGB LED fans situated behind the impressive mesh front panel as well as an additional 140 mm RGB LED fan on the rear panel. 

These and three other LED elements can be easily controlled and synchronized via the mainboard software (for mainboards with a 12V-G-R-B connector) thanks to the included 6-port RGB hub and can illuminate in up to 16.8 million colors. 

For mainboards without a 12V-G-R-B connector, the DG7000-G RGB comes with a manual color control. 

Once installed inside of the case and connected to a SATA connector from the power supply, the included LED strip, the fans and other LED elements can be illuminated  in one of six colors, or completely in white, via a switch on the manual color control.


MainboardMini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
Max. Length Graphics Cards38 cm
Max. Height CPU Cooler17.5 cm
Max. Length Power Supply23 cm
Max. Height Radiator incl. Fan (Front)5.7 cm